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 Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path)

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Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) Empty
PostSubject: Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path)   Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 2:19 pm

This "fanfic" takes place roughly 1000-1500 years after the events of GS1/2, after weyard has had the chance to regenerate to its former self. This ALSO serves as the alpha script for my doujin game, which I will use the editor to create.

Feel free to give your comments, suggestions, and ideas, as well as criticisms, because I need this to help refine and perfect the main story.

Advent of the Betrayer is the first of three parts in the story, taking place at the same time as the second part. These two parts will tie together at their ends, and will lead up to the third and final part.

Also, if you don't know who "the betrayer" is... It's the only actual bad guy in GS. Yes, him.

Anywho, this is Kari's path... it follows the loss of her home, and her pursuit of the man whom destroyed it. Along the way she meets friends and foes alike, among them, Eric, a seafaring traveler, whom is also in pursuit of the same man, Ila, an apprentice to the Great Healer of a town called 'Vale', and Aiden, a bandit in the wrong place and the wrong time who gets in over his head. This story chronicles that journey as they chase the Betrayer throughout Weyard. What are his goals? His aims? The reasons for his actions?


The power to manipulate the building blocks of reality.
It is a power that runs through the very veins of this
world, the very life force of the world itself, this world
we call Weyard. This power flows in all beings, granting
them various powers and abilities, the most prevalent
of which is a power called 'psynergy'. However, this
was not always the case.

Legends tell that long ago this power was sealed away.
A group of travelers whom still had the fading power
alchemy flowing through them went on a journey, lighting
four beacons with the very essence of alchemy itself -
the four elemental stars. Though betrayed by one they
thought an ally, they still persevered and managed to
light all four beacons, thus restoring the power that flows
through the veins of every living being, as well as though
Weyard itself.

Weyard's wounds, which had been caused over hundreds,
maybe even thousands of years, did not instantly recover.
The healing process took over a thousand years for
Weyard to fully recover, the lands changing as it healed.
As Weyard retook the Four Lighthouses and the Golden
Mountain near its heart, the land began to rise and expand
near its edges. Forests grew and mountains rose where
once there were none. These gradual processes have
made Weyard a much different and grander place than it
was back then.

However, as the Golden Mountain, the heart of Weyard,
was being reclaimed, the Betrayer had stood at its summit,
bathing in the golden light that was to revitalized the world.
Though in the end he was stopped and rendered
incapacitated, his ultimate fate remains unknown...

"Miss Kari, wait up!"

A woman of fair skin, purple hair, wearing and light armor stopped and turned around. There were a group of children around her, all between 10 and 14 years of age. A child was struggling to keep up with the group, and was just now catching up with them. One of the older children stepped up in protest.

"It's not 'miss', it's GENERAL Kari! Show some respect for one of the Three Knights of Gods!"

Hearing this, the woman spoke up. "Now now, 'miss' is perfectly fine. I'm not in my armor, and it's not like I'm leading you into battle. It's fine to speak in a more casual manner." The child whom had spoken up now looked a little disappointed, so she added; "Though, as I am teaching you how to hunt, I suppose if you wish to see me as your general, that would be just as fine." At this, the child perked up. "Okay, right now we're outside the confines of the city, so you need to make sure you're alert and are prepared to fight your target. Now, does everyone have a weapon?" The children all nodded, and held up their weapons. They were not exactly ideal for combat, but they were all more than adequate for hunting. Kari herself had one as well. "Okay, does everyone remember why you should hunt?"

The children cried out in unison, "You hunt for food, not for fun."

"That's right. When you hunt, you do so to provide food for your families. In fact, that's not all--the hides can be used to create clothing and furniture, the bones for a variety of things, such as tools or flavorings for stews. Every part of the animal you kill can be used, so if you kill for fun, all of that work and benefit you could get from it goes to waste. Now, can you tell me what kind of animals are best for hunting?"

This time, she got silence. The children looked around at each other, unsure of how to answer. They'd always heard the reason for hunting their whole lives, but not what should be hunted or what shouldn't. From behind them, a muscular blond haired man showed up, in his hand a light on-handed axe. He wore similar armor to Kari. As he approached, he spoke. "You don't hunt small game, nor do you hunt an animal that is a child. Small game, like small birds or rodents, won't feed you much at all, so you'll tire yourself out too much for what you get. Instead, go for something bigger. The bigger the better, but make sure it's not too big, or you could get in trouble. Always make sure you are powerful enough to handle the game you're chasing."

"Well said, Darren. That is exactly right." Kari smiled as she nodded to him in greeting.

One of the children, confused, spoke up. "Darren? Who is he?" It was the same child that had been lagging behind before.

Another child, irritated at the previous child, spoke up in return. "That's General Darren! How could you not know that?"

"Now now, no need to get angry. They probably didn't recognize me outside of my armor. You'd be surprised how many people don't. ...Hmm, your family is new to Marris, are they not?" The child nodded. "Ah, I see. I'm Darren, the Raijin Knight. And that there is Kari, the Fuujin Knight. Together with Lars, the Suijin Knight, we make up the Knights of Three Gods, named after the Three Storm Gods that protect this kingdom. We're the top three Generals in the Melbis army, which protects the kingdom from invading armies and monsters."

The child, now realizing who they were, and how important they must be, spoke up again. "B-But, why exactly is someone as important as a top general helping to teach us hunt?!"

This time, Kari responded. "Because we weren't always the Knights of Three Gods. There were other people in these positions before us, and some day too, we shall retire and others will be promoted to our positions. Who knows, perhaps one of you may be one of the next of we knights." At this, the children looked at each other, excited by her words.

Darren finished it up. "But first, you've gotta learn to hunt. If you cannot learn to provide, then you won't be able to protect. Ever warrior first learns to hunt for his family before he learns to protect his home. And it is the job of the seasoned warriors to help train the next generation to provide for and protect their families. That's why even though we're the Knights of Three Gods, we'll proudly come and train you to hunt. So then, let's get started!"

Current location: Capital City of Melbis, in the Marris Kingdom

Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) MelbisLocation

My programming skill is moot, so what I can do is provide reference materials for people to work with while the tools are being developed. I'll to my best to contribute! If you see an error in my reference guides, PLEASE LET ME KNOW about it so I can fix it! Thanks! ^-^

Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) RolesigGSDSgirl3
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path)   Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 2:20 pm

It was evening when they'd finished hunting. Each of the children was carrying their game with pride, and Kari and Darren both had a large boar that they were dragging back. Everyone was excited for the dinner that would be to come when they got back. One of the children looked up. "Wow, what a pretty sunset!"

However... something was wrong. They had left town to the west... so the sun should be behind them. "Huh? But didn't we leave..." Kari looked behind them, and sure enough, there was the sun, setting in the evening sky. "Wait, if the sunset is behind us..." Kari and Darren immediately realized something was wrong... what was in front of them wasn't the sun, it must be fire!

"Kari, I'll go on ahead! Stay with the children!" Darren dropped the boar he carried and rushed towards Melbis. The children, sensing the urgency in his voice, realized that something was wrong. The looked to Kari with worried expressions on their faces.

"Stay calm, everyone. Keep close to me." This wasn't good. Was Melbis really burning? How? What could have caused that? Lars should have been there, along with his entire regiment. Could they really have failed? No, that was impossible... they'd not have been allowed to take the children hunting if a force that powerful was approaching the Melbis, or even the kingdom's borders, for that matter. What was going on, then?

"AHH! Miss Kari!"

Kari whirled around, seeing a vermin. Where was the Melbis Army?! They were charged with keeping monsters such as that out of the kingdom! "Stay back!" Kari dropped the boar and rushed at the vermin. Though a weak monster, it was still a monster... how could it have gotten past the army? Didn't the patrols catch it? What was going on here? The creature lunged at her with its makeshift weapon, but she dodged and brought her blade down on it. It struggled a bit to get up, but turned around and leaped at her again. If only she had her sword, and not this meager training blade! She struck it again before it could move, and the monster died. This wasn't good... something was very wrong... first, the fire in the direction of Melbis, and now monsters showing up? Oh gods, help her! Kari turned to the children. "Quickly, come with me!"

They were scared, and had a right to be. They made their way as fast as they could back to Melbis, and she had to defend the group from another vermin and a bat. When they finally reached Melbis, they were terrified... Melbis was burning in several places, and people lay dying on the ground. She had to find a place to hide the children from whatever was going on... but what was safe and what was not? She saw a place that the flames would not soon reach that seemed like a good place to hide for now, then instructed the children to follow her there. When she saw that they were safe, she told eldest two of them to stand guard and to help protect the rest should another monster show up.

Now she had to find the others and stop whatever was doing this. Once again, she looked at her training blade and wished she'd had her sword instead, but there wasn't time to run and gear up. She ran through the city, yet strangely, could not find a single enemy combatant. What was doing this? Eventually, she made her way to the city's main plaza, and stopped dead in her tracks. There, in front of her, Lars' body lay lifeless. Beyond him, there were two men. One was Darren, the other a stranger with long light blue-green hair.

"What are you?! How could a single person do all of this?!" Darren's voice shook with rage.

The man shook his head and calmly responded. "Person? No, I am not a person. I am a god. Something as trivial as this kingdom doesn't stand much of a chance to I, whom have bathed in the light of the Golden Sun."

"What gives you the right? Who are you?"

"I have no name to give a man about to die, nor do I a reason to give."

Kari watched the scene helplessly, and for the first time in her life she was paralyzed with fear. One man? Just one man had done this?! She looked on in horror as Darren rushed at the man only to be struck through the heart by a stream of water shot from the stranger's finger, killing him instantly. The man turned around to leave, but Kari didn't stay to watch. Tears in her eyes, she ran... hating the man... and her own cowardice for not facing him... Why? Why was she running like this? She was one of the top generals! Fearless in battle... and yet terrified beyond words at a single man? Darren... the words he'd said... had that man really slain the entire army alone? Just who was he?


As the sun rose, they could see the damage. Kari had returned to the children that night... She'd tried to look strong for them, but she knew that they knew otherwise... They were all crying... they'd lost their homes... their families... and for what? For what reason had the man done this? For six hundred years Melbis had stood, bringing peace for the land... they never had waged wars for conquest in their entire history, never took sides in the affairs and wars of other countries, and were well liked by their neighbors... So why?

Questions like these went through her mind all throughout that day... She, the children, and the other survivors all took part in laying the fallen to rest. At midday, they had another stranger arrive from the south. Their hair was also blue in color, though it was a deeper blue, and only went down to his shoulder. Kari upon hearing of the newcomer, confronted him. "Who are you? What do you want with this city?"

The man, seeing the destruction around him, seemed both disheartened and irritated. "My... name is Eric... And I had tried to come to warn you, but it appears I was too late..." The irritation he showed seemed to be directed at himself, but Kari was still cautious.

"Are you involved with the man who did this to our city?"

"In the same way as you, yes. I am a descendant of a Lemurian whom had left his home long ago, and my desire was to return to the land of my ancestors... but as I got there, I found it flooded and devoid of life... But it seemed that I had just missed the incident. Robbed of the home I sought, I searched for reasons as to why when I heard of a man whom was causing the destruction of thriving cities. I found out he was heading north to this kingdom, and I rushed to try to warn you... But it seems I was too late."

So that was the case... The man had his home destroyed as well... "As you can see, the man has already come and gone. If you wish to continue to pursue him, you may need to ask around to see if anyone saw which direction he went, but I don't think you'll find anyone here who can."

"I see... thankyou. If there is anything I can do to help, though, let me know."

"We could use some help giving the fallen a proper burial. It may be out of your way, but your help would be welcomed."

Eric nodded and went to help the others. They worked through the night, and Kari constantly had the events on her mind. Melbis hadn't been the first city, which meant it also probably wasn't the last. Her mind continued to drift, torn between her desire to stop the man, and her duty to protect the people of her city. Occasionally, people who'd not been in the city would wonder in, and she'd have to explain the situation. Several hunters and warriors were included, and thankfully some had brought back food. Though the occasional stray monster showed up, the people that returned were able to turn them away quite easily. Luckily it seemed the monsters weren't particularly fierce. With this in mind, she felt her path was set.

After the last of the burials had been preformed, and everyone had gotten some rest, everyone went to the north edge of town to thank Eric as he left in pursuit of the man. Before he could leave, though, Kari stepped forward. "I'm going with you." The others looked at her as if concerned, but she'd made up her mind. "I've given it some thought, and according to Eric, this isn't the first time that man has caused this kind of destruction... and likely won't be the last. As the Fuujin Knight, I cannot allow this to happen..." The people looked at each other, and nodded. Two of the children walked up. One of them was dragging a common longsword behind them, the other held a crystallized charm in the shape of a whirlwind.

"Here... use this to protect yourself, okay?"
"This is a charm that my family gave me for luck... you can have it, okay?"

Upon receiving the items, Kari looked up, almost surprised. "What is this?"

"We knew you wouldn't be able to just stand by... That you'd leave to pursue that man..."
"Don't worry about us, we can take care of ourselves... you taught us how to hunt, and the older people can keep us safe from the monsters..."
"Not to mention that many of the hunters are returning home. They can keep us safe while you're gone!"
"We all look up to you, so don't you die, okay? Be safe, and make sure you come back to us!"

"Everyone..." She was touched... They cared so much... even though she couldn't do anything to stop this... She looked up at them and nodded. "I will come back... I promise." She went up to Eric and turned back as the survivors of Melbis gave their farewells, then with her new companion, left. What this journey would bring, she did not know, nor could she grasp the full impact her actions were to have...

My programming skill is moot, so what I can do is provide reference materials for people to work with while the tools are being developed. I'll to my best to contribute! If you see an error in my reference guides, PLEASE LET ME KNOW about it so I can fix it! Thanks! ^-^

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PostSubject: Re: Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path)   Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 2:21 pm

They hadn't been traveling long when they encountered another monster. It seemed that Eric was quite the capable fighter. Though the weapon he carried was somewhat unorthodox - a scythe - and was well worn from extended use. The monsters were weak, and easily dispatched, after which they continued on their way. A little further up the path, another creature appeared.

"Ah, Eric, look out!" Kari took a swing at the flying creature as it neared him. The blow connected, and knocked the creature out of the sky. It stood up, shook it off, then did the last thing Kari was expecting; chew her out.


"I-It can talk?!"

"OF COURSE I CAN TALK! What do you take me for, some stupid monster?!"

"Well, I--"

At this, Eric spoke up. "I think... that's a djinni..."

"Of course I'm a djinni! What else would I be? Do you two make a habit of attacking every last thing that moves?"

"No, I..."

"Hmmph! And to think I was going to help you out!"


Again, Eric spoke up. "According to rumors, djinn make an adept stronger..."

"Yes, we do. And I was looking for someone worthy of my power. I thought the missus here might fare well, that is until she just attacked me out of the blue!"

"Eh... I'm sorry? Though... umm... Just how would djinni make me stronger?"

"Ho ho, so you're interested in my power, eh?" Just like that, the creature seemed to change its attitude. "We djinni will make you more powerful. All you have to do is set us and release that power in battle! If you find and befriend more of us, you'll continue to grow in strength. Some, like myself, are simply looking for a partner, but others won't join you unless you can prove your strength. When one does join you, it'll need to be set to someone in your group to have any effect. Different djinn will provide different effects, depending on their element and, well, who they are. I myself am a Jupiter Djinni, the name's Typhoon. Though I can make your own power stronger, if I were to lend my power to your watery friend there..."

Eric didn't like that comment. "...Watery?"

"Shut up and let me explain. Anyways, if I lend my power to him, his power and the psynergy he can use will change to reflect it. Like this..." A beam of energy formed linking Eric and Typhoon together.

"Ah... you're right, I do feel different... Stronger, actually..."

"That's not all, you're now able to use different types of psynergy. The trade off, of course, is that you're no longer able to use some of your older ones. So you could say that we djinn are capable of changing your attributes and at times, even your class." In the distance, they could see a monster approaching... a zombie, it seemed. "Ah, perfect timing. Now I can show you our abilities in battle. First, I'll switch to the violent lady..." The bond of psynergy switched over to Kari. She could feel herself getting stronger, though right now she seemed a bit worried about the monster heading their way. "Before we go, keep in mind that each of us djinn have different powers. Once we've been set to someone, they can call upon those powers in battle. So if you'd be so kind as to let me show that power off?"

She wasn't certain of this, but she was indeed curious. She could feel the power of the djinni... it felt just like her own psynergy. So she tried calling upon that energy as if it were her own psynergy, and indeed the effect was apparent. She was pulled forward as she struck the monster hard with a powerful whirlwind, knocking it quite far back. With that, the link was gone, but she could see Typhoon floating nearby. Before the monster could recover, the djinni spoke again. "See, aren't I great? Now, after having my power unleashed, I'll be standing by and continuing to help you. Myself and others like me can use our power to summon powerful beings... like this!" The djinni glowed, and a large wind spirit came and stuck down the zombie. Typhoon, boasting with pride, said "See? Aren't we djinn awesome?"

Kari had to object a little. "You seem somewhat... tired to me, though."

"Ah, yes... after summoning a powerful being like that, we're kind of exhausted. But you just have to wait for us to rest and recover a bit and we'll be back to normal. So, what do you say? Care to take my awesome power with you?"

That was an interesting question. She could see that Typhoon would be quite helpful as they were in pursuit of the man who'd attacked Melbis... and the prospect of having more of these potentially powerful allies helping out was quite appealing. Given the power of the man she pursued, she'd need all the help she could get. "Very well, I'd be glad to have you along." Eric seemed to be in agreement, nodding in conjunction to her response.

"Great! Okay then, don't forget to keep an eye out for my buddies, okay?"

This seemed fortunate... she wasn't half a day from the capitol city and already she'd gained what appeared to be a powerful ally.

Jupiter Djinni Kari found the Jupiter Djinni Typhoon

My programming skill is moot, so what I can do is provide reference materials for people to work with while the tools are being developed. I'll to my best to contribute! If you see an error in my reference guides, PLEASE LET ME KNOW about it so I can fix it! Thanks! ^-^

Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) RolesigGSDSgirl3
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path)   Golden Sun - Advent of the Betrayer (Kari's Path) EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 2:22 pm

A few days after leaving Melbis, Kari had reached the nearby town of Lansid. It was a moderately sized town, and seemed to be bustling with life. She figured she could restock on supplies before continuing in pursuit, but she was stopped by Eric. "Hey, we should probably rest. You wouldn't want to burn through too much energy after all." She gave it some thought, and then nodded in agreement. After all, they'd traveled quite a ways, and it was getting late. She could use a warm bed.

They made their way to the inn and paid for the lodging. She didn't go straight to bed, though. She had to much on her mind, with the sudden attack on Melbis, the death of the other two knights, and even her own regrets about leaving to chase after the man who destroyed the city. After a while, Typhoon had had enough and spoke up. "Oi, lady..."

"Uh, yes?"

"Look around you. Looks like a lot of other people have problems too. Just listen."

She hadn't thought of that before. She looked around and listened to other conversations in the room...

"I don't know what to do... He hasn't come back in days... should I go look for him?"
"What is with all the monsters? Sure, they seem weak, but wasn't the garrison stationed at Melbis supposed to get rid of them?"
"The children want to play, but it seems too dangerous right now... What should I do?"
"I heard that Melbis was destroyed... that can't be right, though... can it?"

There was something very odd about how hearing the problems of others seemed to comfort her. She found it almost disturbing that was the case.

"You're not alone." She turned around to see Eric, who pulled up a chair beside her and sat down. "Our little djinni friend is right. Everyone is having problems because of that man in one way or another. You're not alone."

"...Thankyou. I think I needed to hear that." She picked up the flagon placed at the table and poured a bit into her mug. Taking a sip, it seemed like mead... not exactly what she'd have chosen to drink, given the circumstances, but at this point she didn't care. "...If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been chasing after that man?"

"Not too long, actually. Maybe a couple months."

"That's it?"

"Yeah... pretty much."

Typhoon decided to enter the conversation as well. "What do you plan on doing when you catch up to the guy? I mean, this guy apparently took out an army or two on his lonesome, right?"

"Huh... I never really gave that much thought."

"Come again?!"

"I figured I'd know when I caught up. That it'd come to me when I met him face to face."

"...You're kidding, right? So you're just going to chase after him without a plan? What about you? Surely you've planned a bit more than the waterboy here, right?"


Kari thought to herself for a second, then realized her situation was the same. "No... I'm not so certain as to why myself, but I don't really have a plan for when I meet him... But either way, I can't just let him get away with this. I have to stop him before a tragedy like this happens again. I don't know how I'll do it, I just know I have to."

To this, Eric nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I feel much the same way. Even though I wasn't a Lemurian myself, Lemuria was the land of my ancestors. I feel I owe it to them to stop this man before he can do any more harm."

"That's it? You guys are crazy!" The djinn seemed oddly happy for that statement, but quickly followed it up. "I knew I picked the right people! You're not content to just wail on a bunch of weakling vermin, nope, you chose to chase after the guy with godlike power!"

Again, Eric was taking issues with Typhoon's attitude. "Oi, that doesn't make us crazy!"

"Sure it does! While most normal people train on weaklings to feel good about themselves, you two are going for the baddest of the bad! Aren't you glad I decided to come along and lend you my awesome power now?"

"I don't care that he makes us stronger. Let's leave him here."

To her surprise, Kari laughed. The other two looked at her as she did, and ignoring their squabbling, joined in too.


Kari stepped outside the inn and breathed in the crisp morning air. She'd already packed her belongings ans was ready to head out and restock on supplies. Looking over to Eric, she questioned "Where to?"

Looking at his scythe and how worn it was, he quickly came up with a response. "The armory, i guess. Could always use some better armor and weapons. This thing looks like it's on its last legs..."

They made their way over to the armory. The clerk looked up and greeted the two. "Well, how may I help you two today, miss..."

"I'm Eric."

"Miss Kari and Miss Eric, is it? Take a look around the shop and tell me if there's anything that you like."

Eric, not to keen on being called 'miss', replied. "Yeah, there's plenty I like. Got anything I can actually use, Mister Generic Shopkeeper?"

"Ha, got a sense of humor you do! Well, let's just take a look, shall we? For starters, you two could use some better armor, and that staff of yours looks like it's about to die."

"It's a scythe..."

"Wow, that's in REALLY bad shape, then! Best to get that replaced, am I right? Especially with the monsters suddenly showing up outside of town! Might I suggest this instead? We don't really have much of a scythe selection, but this Martial Scythe is definitely better than that rusty old thing!"

"Not ideal, but I'll take what I can get at this point."

"Now then, for those rags your wearing... We've got this nice Padded Vest that should provide you with some ample protection."

"Hmm... it seems a bit too restricting for my taste, though."

"Ah, then how about you, Miss Kari?"

"Actually, do you have anything a bit more durable? Preferably not to restricting to move in, though..."

"Oh, fancy ye some heavy armor, eh? Okay then... How's this? A Travel Suit for mister Eric here, and Leather Armor for miss Kari?"

Kari wasn't used to this... her Fuujin Armor was very high quality armor, but there was little chance of finding it in the debris of the garrison... It would have to do for now, though. This town didn't seem like a major trade hub, and it had little reason to sell top-notch gear until recently. She figured she had to take what she could get. "That will do for now."

Eric had tried on the suit, and it seemed to fit him fine. Wasn't too restricting, and provided more protection than his Travel Vest, though not by much. "I'll take this as well. Ah, and those gloves too."

"Ah, alright, so the Light Gloves? And how about a Wooden Buckler for the miss?"

"Yes, I think that can work. Do you have a decent helmet I can use?"

"Ah, I'm afraid we don't have any in stock. If you want better protection, we've got a wooden cap. It's crude, but as far as defense goes, it's the best we've got at the moment." The shopkeeper looked to Eric. "Should I get you one as well?"

"Actually, I think I'll take the Bronze Circlet."

"Ah, very well. So, is that all for you two today?"

Kari, looking at her sword, saw that it was quite worn. Not to the degree of Eric's scythe, but it could use replacing. "Actually, you wouldn't happen to have any Long Swords in stock, would you?"

"I'll do you one better - we've still got some Long Blades left, if you're interested. They're slightly weighted at the end, so they hit a little harder."

"Oh, I'll take one then."

"Great? So if that's it, the total comes to 640 coins."

Kari checked her coin bag, and much to her dismay, only had about 300 coins on her. She looked to Eric, whom seemed to be short too. "Ah... I only have about 300 on me..."

"I've got 250ish... even together we've not got enough..."

"Well, that's about 550 coins, right? Your old stuff should fetch about 150, so you should be good, and have a little left over."

Kari, remembering she still had the sword she took the children training with, took it out and asked about it as well. "While we're at it, how much do you think I could get for this. It isn't much, but..."

"Ah, with that you should get about 180 in all, along with your previous total of 550, that makes 730 coins. You should have 90 coins left between the two of you."

Kari looked to Eric, whom nodded in agreement. "Very well, you have a deal."

"Great! A pleasure doing business with you, then! Here, I'll even throw in a free game ticket or two! I know our equipment it's exactly top notch, but there wasn't much need for it other than training and sparring until recently, so I appreciate your patronage. I hope to get some better stock in time, so do come again!"

Following the exchange of money and goods, Kari and Eric left the store. "Well, not exactly ideal, but we've got to work with what's available I suppose."

Eric added, "Not that we could have afforded ideal, though."


Typhoon couldn't resist. "Heh, lucky for you, I don't NEED equipment to be awesome!"

"...You're right, Eric, let's just leave him here."


"I know, right? We should be just fine without that snarky little freeloader!"


Once again, Kari laughed. At least traveling together wouldn't be dull, and it seemed it would help keep her mind at ease.

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