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 Fanatic RPG

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PostSubject: Fanatic RPG   Fanatic RPG EmptyFri Oct 30, 2009 8:17 pm

Hello everyone! This is a pure storyline RPG, so there are fewer rules.

#1: You can portray any video game character you want (with rule #2 as an exception).

#2: You can not portray a character that somebody else has chosen.

#3: You can be a modified version of the character, but this still means... No clones, and no relatives (same goes with personal NPCs).

#4: You can introduce NPC characters, but everyone can control all but one (so it is best to only have one personal character, and a maximum of 1 personal NPC).

Okay, shall we begin? I am Yoshi!

Salanewt: [black] Yoshi (Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi, Yoshi series)
Personal NPC: [white] Yoshi Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi, Yoshi series)

Frog: Frog ( ,Chrono Trigger games)
Personal NPC: Magis ( ,Chrono Trigger Games)

charleysdrpepper: Kraden (God of All)
Personal NPC: Dora (Dora)

It is a quiet day in Yoshi's Island. Two Yoshis are feasting on melons that they found...

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: Ah, what a lovely day... Ooh! A Watermelon! Want it?

Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi: No, thank you. I have already eaten one. You should eat yours.

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: Thanks!

Suddenly, the two Yoshis were sucked through a golden ring that appeared out of nowhere. Neither of then noticed it because they were feasting on the fruit. They did not know where they were, but something came up to them, which seemed scared.

Fanatic RPG 967547 : Ah! Ah! Aaah! WHat are those things? Sean! Do you know what these are?

Fanatic RPG 948892 : I have no clue... Perhaps... We should just-

Fanatic RPG 967547 : Run away!

Fanatic RPG 948892 : Good idea!

Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi: Wait! Oh, please help us! Oh darn... They are gone now. Where are we?

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: I have no idea... Oh well, at least we still have our fruit. Shall we continue out feast?

Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi: Sounds good.

The Yoshis continued to eat the large pile of melons, unaware that monsters were starting to appear, hungrizy gazing at the food.

Have a nice day.
Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_YoshiFanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi

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PostSubject: Re: Fanatic RPG   Fanatic RPG EmptySat Oct 31, 2009 10:46 am

My character is (big surprise here) Frog from chrono trigger!
Oh, and i'm taking Magus as my personal npc...

Fanatic RPG 948892 : Whew i think we got away...

Fanatic RPG 967547 : What on earth where those things!? some kind of dinosaur?

Fanatic RPG 948892 : Dinosaurs? Don't be stupid, they were obviously drago-

A half frog half human runs past.

Fanatic RPG 948892 : ...

Fanatic RPG 967547 : ...

Fanatic RPG 948892 : I still think they're dragons.

Meanwhile the yoshis are still happily eating the large pile of melons without realizing they've been surrounded by hungry monsters.

Fanatic RPG E8qsdv: Back vile creatures!

Two monsters suddenly collapse onto the pile of melons.
Frog's blade takes out another monster.

Fanatic RPG E8qsdv: Thy beasts shall taste my blade!

The rest of the monsters run off.
He notices the two yoshis and thinking they are monsters, draws his sword...

Offtopic: I hope i'm doing it right, and theres not much TO do without any non personal npcs...
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Age : 24
Location : Yoshi's Island

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PostSubject: Re: Fanatic RPG   Fanatic RPG EmptySat Oct 31, 2009 12:02 pm

Oh, no, you did that post very well. Anyway, you can introduce NPCs at any time if you want.

I forgot to mention. If someone has created NPCs that everyone can use, newcomers can still use them as their own (if chosen), and they become exclusive characters. I also forgot to mention that if you wish to switch your characters, you may do so at any time.

I will edit my post to include your characters.

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: Oh, I wonder why all of these creatures left so suddenly?

Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi: I think it is because that person over there scared them away... I wonder why he still has his metal stick pointed at us?

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: I don't know. Oh, hello there! Would you like some of this food?

Suddenly, there was a large blast, which sent both of the Yoshis flying to different areas (having most of their food destroyed, while the rest flew in random directions).

Far away, in Imil...

Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi: Noooo! Yoshi! Where are you!? Where am I? It is quite cold here...

Fanatic RPG 946968 : Oh dear! What are you! Help! Help!

Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi: Oh, please wait! Could you please tell me where I... Aw... Oh, the sign says "Imil". I am guessing that this is where I am. Why is it so cold?

Fanatic RPG 136198: (Hello there, you look lost. Want me to help you?)

Fanatic RPG Idle_White_Yoshi: Oh, yes, please help me...

Further away, on the Apoji Islands...

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: Ah... This place is lovely. I kind of wish that my sister was here with me, but... Oh, maybe I can find her around here?

Fanatic RPG 569696: (Hi! It looks like you just flew in here... How did you do that?)

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: I think there was an explosion or something. I have no idea what caused it... Anyway, do you know how I can get back to that area?

Fanatic RPG 569696: (Well, I doubt that you can walk on water, and there are many monsters in these seas... I might be able to take you to the nearest continent though.)

Fanatic RPG Idle_Black_Yoshi: Oh great! Thank you so much... But I am hungry right now, can I please eat first?

Fanatic RPG 569696: (Sure.)

Back near Vale...

Fanatic RPG 989886 : Good, they are gone... I must investigate what they are...

Have a nice day.
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Wind Seer
Wind Seer

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PostSubject: Re: Fanatic RPG   Fanatic RPG EmptySat Oct 31, 2009 5:14 pm

Hmm... so you got Yoshi.... well I guess Kraden and Dora could work this time?

charleysdrpepper Fanatic RPG 315368
personal npc Fanatic RPG 727588

Fanatic RPG 315368

. . . . Fanatic RPG 727588
. . . . . Fanatic RPG 20496

(Edited to add above picture)

Fanatic RPG 727588 Issac, please wake up, wake up dear.

Fanatic RPG 20496 (Edited to replace regular Isaac with fallen Isaac)

Fanatic RPG 727588 Oh come on dear, there was a huge explosion, you got to come with me.

Fanatic RPG 762317 Dora, kowing that Isaac was uncoincious tried to drag Isaac out of the room.

Fanatic RPG 315368 Do you need help there? In my studies, in about 2 minutes your house will collapse.

Fanatic RPG 727588 Oh dear.

Kraden and Dora drag Isaac just in time ou the front door.

Fanatic RPG 315368 It appears the Wise One caused the ground to shake doing more damage then necessary. I'm not sure what he was doing but I wonder if Alex has finally taken control of him.
Fanatic RPG 727588 Oh that is not good.
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PostSubject: Re: Fanatic RPG   Fanatic RPG Empty

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Fanatic RPG
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